Who runs the North? GIRLS!

But what’s going on outside of London? Does Grime exist up North? Is there a UK rap and R&B scene beyond Birmingham’s bull ring? Errrmmmmmm does Marcel mention blazing squad all the time? Duh!! Of COURSE there is! Last year I brought you various interviews, articles and gig reviews from the Manny mandem, but it’s long overdue for the Miss Manny’s to get their time to shine. Step forward ‘angels (and devils) of the North’ …

New Single – ‘Aint Gonna say no more’ Put some Respeck on their names: S.I.P feat MC Bushkin

‘Aint gonna say no more, Respeck’ opens with a rousing gospel chorus sampled from the Hamiltones introspective take on THAT bonkers birdman moment. The hook evokes memories of the evangelical choir singers some of us as kids became accustomed to at church on Sunday’s sat next to granny. S.I.P then slides into the sparse instrumental of drums, bass and organ to comfortably rap in a chilled out style as though the sounds of the gospel strains from the Hamilton sample have soothed his soul to allow him to state his strong points..

Expand your Vision with BLAYnoculars: The Vision Album Review

With 3 Mixtapes in his back catalogue Blay ‘Broke the ice’ with his first Mixtape in 2008, he seemed to go ‘Blind’ in 2010 and thankfully regained his sight to give us 2013’s epic mixtape ‘Welcome to vision gang’ in which he spits the standout lyrics “I can’t live like a drone in the system, invisible chains tryna latch to my wisdom” on the autobiographical ‘I must’ he experiments spitting over guitar riffs (‘Grind’), he sings (‘Steal the show’) and produces the forlorn instrumental of ‘Forest’ and the hype instrumental of ‘Zan’ giving a clear indication of the landscapes Blay’s skills are able to span.

Next hype is Frontman Vipzz – ‘Paradigm’ EP Review

Vipzz opens ‘Paradigm’ with a bemused cry of “Oh my god” which reminded me of D Double E’s signature soundbite featured on many of his tracks. Vipzz shouts out the mans who have left the endz or passed away and vows to carry on in their honour. On the opening track ‘Trap Grime Freestyle (T.G.F) Part 1’. He wittily drops the double entendre

A case of the EX-tremely sultry Mya

For all you old skool R&B lovers out there who crave simplistic harmonies and smoove grooves I’m pleased to announce that we do not have a case of the ex-artist here and Mya is back in all her magnificent glory with her eighth independent release “Smoove Jones” Gone is the “Ghetto superstar” girl and in her place is a confident and sexy woman

Lady Ice’s latest release ‘Take Two’ presented by P110 Media (which sees her invert the title of ‘One take’ – see what she did there, you can’t fault the wit) is a continuation of her ‘One take’ freestyle as the scene has changed from a day time settings to after hours with street lights and neon shop signs highlighting lady Ice’s on trend Adidas tracksuit and trademark crop top

Mickey Taelor’s Essentials: Album Review

What is it about Mickey’s Taelor’s music that makes for essential listening? That would be her ability to bring her soulful vocals to an array of musical moods, from the soul house of the sun drenched “This is For you” to the hypnotic and teasing groove of “3 stacks” which has a sizzling hot video directed by Kwaz Fraser to accompany the tantalising vocals of seduction and desire

Skepta’s now sprinting: Konnichiwa Album review

‘Konichiwa’ opens like an atmospheric movie, our underdog the protagonist Skepta is strolling through an oriental garden barefooted, trickling streams meander lazily under his feet, birdsong sweetly serenades the microphone champion but suddenly a sense of danger breaks the serenity of the day and a sword is drawn from its sheath. Skepta is poised and ready to clash with the approaching threat, calm is broken and the track becomes ominous and tense with an ethereal vocal introduced, we are then plunged into

Potter Creates Wizardry on His Guitar

By the time I sat down with Seaton Delaval resident, Aaron Potter’s debut album ‘Coffee, ciggs, pens and paper’ I was definitely ready to take in some back to basics ‘one man and his guitar music’ and put the bass to bed for a nap. Aaron’s album is a simplistic project but by no means basic, it’s stripped back, striking and emotive,