Grime Lands on Mercury: Konnichiwa wins coveted award

The 2016 Mercury prize was a year of firsts. It was the first time Hyundai had steered the show as sponsor, David Bowie’s ‘Black star’ album was the ceremony’s first posthumous nominee and it was the first time Grime had a double edged sword to fight the competition; with Grime’s experimental electronica indie bwoy Kano’s ‘Made In The Manor’ shortlisted as well as Grime’s man of the moment often hailed for the ‘resurgence’ of Grime Skepta with ‘Konnichiwa.’ Both very different but equally important albums to the genre....

Expand your Vision with BLAYnoculars: The Vision Album Review

With 3 Mixtapes in his back catalogue Blay ‘Broke the ice’ with his first Mixtape in 2008, he seemed to go ‘Blind’ in 2010 and thankfully regained his sight to give us 2013’s epic mixtape ‘Welcome to vision gang’ in which he spits the standout lyrics “I can’t live like a drone in the system, invisible chains tryna latch to my wisdom” on the autobiographical ‘I must’ he experiments spitting over guitar riffs (‘Grind’), he sings (‘Steal the show’) and produces the forlorn instrumental of ‘Forest’ and the hype instrumental of ‘Zan’ giving a clear indication of the landscapes Blay’s skills are able to span.

Diamonds are forever: Introducing Blvck Diamond, Mic Check Interview

I was temporarily dazzled by the glisten and glare I spied emerging from the dimness surrounding us created by non-other than Manchester’s talented R&B collective ‘Blvck diamond’ consisting of members Kay Angz (producer, singer, songwriter and engineer), JNR - (Singer/Songwriter), GH05T (Producer Piano/Keys player), Shinaye (Singer/Songwriter), OffKee - (Rapper/MC), Romayne Erin (Close Friend of the group and intermittent guitarist) and missing member on the night ...

Surrendering to Sidewinder Summer Festival 2016

With Sidewinder summer festival in a state of slumber in 2015 we were more than ready for the event to wake up from its yearlong snooze and wind itself back up again like a watch with a brand new battery; just in time to celebrate its sweet sixteenth. In Sidewinders’ infancy back in 1996 its capacity was that of only 600 and was held at a small venue in Northampton shining a spotlight on garage legends EZ, Sticky, JAM and Principal. As the Garage sound began to evolve into a darker sound it welcomed acts, So solid Crew, Ms. Dynamite and Heartless crew so too did the venues...

Next hype is Frontman Vipzz – ‘Paradigm’ EP Review

Vipzz opens ‘Paradigm’ with a bemused cry of “Oh my god” which reminded me of D Double E’s signature soundbite featured on many of his tracks. Vipzz shouts out the mans who have left the endz or passed away and vows to carry on in their honour. On the opening track ‘Trap Grime Freestyle (T.G.F) Part 1’. He wittily drops the double entendre

A case of the EX-tremely sultry Mya

For all you old skool R&B lovers out there who crave simplistic harmonies and smoove grooves I’m pleased to announce that we do not have a case of the ex-artist here and Mya is back in all her magnificent glory with her eighth independent release “Smoove Jones” Gone is the “Ghetto superstar” girl and in her place is a confident and sexy woman

Lady Ice’s latest release ‘Take Two’ presented by P110 Media (which sees her invert the title of ‘One take’ – see what she did there, you can’t fault the wit) is a continuation of her ‘One take’ freestyle as the scene has changed from a day time settings to after hours with street lights and neon shop signs highlighting lady Ice’s on trend Adidas tracksuit and trademark crop top